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Bet, Accumulate Score & Win Up To 88,888! Climb the ranks and be a top 10 winner!

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ProviderPlacementBonusNo. of PrizeTurnover Requirement
All Sportsbook
(Euro Cup Match Only)

1stMYR 28,88811x
2ndMYR 18,8881
3rdMYR 9,8881
4thMYR 8,8881
5thMYR 6,8881
6thMYR 5,8881
7thMYR 3,8881
8thMYR 2,8881
9thMYR 1,8881
10thMYR 8881

Get Extra Bonus When You Hit The Score Requirements.

Score RequirementBonusTurnover Requirement
3,000MYR 81x
10,000MYR 28
30,000MYR 68
100,000MYR 188
300,000MYR 688
1,000,000MYR 1,888

How To Apply :
1.Bet a minimum of MYR100 on all Soccer Euro Cup Matches and accumulate scores during the event period.
2. Score is earned by the amount you win for each bet and your score will not be deducted when you lose e.g. if you win RM200 (+200) in a bet and lose 100(+0) in another bet, your score will be +200.
3. Players who bet on Provider Ai-Sports and M8 bet will get an additional 50% score when you win.
4. Scores will be entered into the system within 48 hours of successful verification, and only the top 10 winners will receive their prizes after the end of the event.
5. Hit the Score Requirements during the promotion period to be eligible for the extra bonus shown on the table!
6. Contact Customer Service via LiveChat to show your snapshot of your bets. Score will be issued within 48 hours after successful verification.

Terms & Conditions :
  • This promotion is only applicable for Sportsbook with Euro Cup games only.
  • This promotion is valid 15/6/2024 until 15/7/2024.
  • Players who bet on Provider Ai-Sports and M8 bet will get an additional 50% score when you win.
  • The bonus will be automatically credited to your wallet within 5 days of the end of the event. (1x Turnover)
  • Prizes will be forfeited if members fail to fulfil the turnover requirement within 30 days from the date the prize is credited.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other AB33 promotions.
  • Only confirmed bets/wagers will count into the turnover requirement. All draw or tied wagers, cancelled or void wagers, placing a bet on both sides will not count into turnover requirements. Any bets placed containing selections of odds that are less than 0.5 or 1.50 (Decimal odds) will also not be counted into the turnover requirement.
  • Only 25% of total wagers placed on Roulette (All variations) will be counted into turnover requirements.
  • All winning fund or bonus amount will be forfeit if members fail to stipulated turnover requirement within 30 days from the date the bonus is granted.
  • AB33 reserves the right to terminate any duplicate accounts (including Full Name, IP Address, Bank Account etc..).
  • AB33 reserves to make any changes on / cancel this promotion without any prior notice
  • AB33’s General Terms & Conditions apply to this promotion.
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